Event Item Report

Total Items


Item Counts

Name#∑ PriceAvg. Price
[Abrupt End]22512.50
[Abyssal Hidden Chestguard]155.00
[Abyssal Shadowguard Linen Cuffs]155.00
[Abyssal Shadowguard Plate Bracers]2157.50
[Abyssal Xi Va Bracers]155.00
[Abyssal Xi Va Chainlink Bracers]155.00
[Abyssal Xi Va Handguards]155.00
[Akashic Coven Scootabout] 219095.00
[Akashic Soul Reaver]155.00
[Akashic Summoner's Sacrifical Skull]1100100.00
[Allogata Skyspear]1170363.91
[Amulet of the Jungle Spirits]11010.00
[Ancient Burrow Beast Woven Cuffs]11010.00
[Ancient Burrower Beast Chainmail Bracers]44010.00
[Ancient Burrower Beast Hide Bracers]2105.00
[Ancient Burrower Beast Plate Bracers]2105.00
[Ancient Burrower Beast Woven Cuffs]5357.00
[Ancient Dreadfell Coven Teachings Volume I]15050.00
[Ancient Dreadfell Coven Teachings Volume II]47218.00
[Ancient Dreadfell Coven Teachings Volume IV]155.00
[Ancient Dreadfell Coven Teachings Volume V]3165.33
[Ancient Jungle Greatblade]155.00
[Anthropic Spiritstring Longbow]2105.00
[Anthropod Control Rod]4205.00
[Anti-Life (Celestial)]155.00
[Antiquated Sheet Music]155.00
[Archer's Fury IX (Celestial)]155.00
[Asylum XI (Master)]13535.00
[Auntie Grimm's Gussets]2105.00
[Aura of Intelligence]37023.33
[Aura of Strength]155.00
[Aura of Wisdom]155.00
[Bag of Shiny Things]155.00
[Banded Girdle of the Balanzite Colossus]8567.00
[Beast's Mighty Limb]3155.00
[Beastly Cloak of the Beyond]155.00
[Bedlam Boot Dagger]2105.00
[Belladona Cuffs]155.00
[Belladonna Cuffs]155.00
[Belt of Quills]57114.20
[Belt of the Aten]2115.50
[Beulus' Akashic Meddler Helm]155.00
[Beyond Shadeplate Greaves]2157.50
[Beyond Shadeskin Leggings]155.00
[Beyond Shardplate Greaves]155.00
[Blade Mastery]3165.33
[Bladed Burrower Spine]2105.00
[Bladed Terrorquill]11212.00
[Bladed Terrorquill Staff]2115.50
[Blessed Spirit Earring]2105.00
[Blistering Waste (Master)]155.00
[Blood of Elder Ekron]34816.00
[Blood of Kluzen the Protector]38628.67
[Blood Parasite (Grandmaster)]155.00
[Bloodbound Rune of Evasion]2105.00
[Bloodbound Rune of Withering]155.00
[Bloodbound Rune: Ascension of Destruction]12525.00
[Bloodbound Rune: Ascension of Life]4205.00
[Bloodbound Rune: Ascension of Love]23115.50
[Bloodbound Rune: Firmament of Growth]22010.00
[Bloodbound Rune: Firmament of Passion]11515.00
[Bloodbound Rune: Foundation of Earth]2105.00
[Bloodbound Rune: Foundation of Excitement]34013.33
[Bloodbound Rune: Foundation of Rune]15050.00
[Bloodbound Tinkerer's Volume II]155.00
[Bloodpearl Ring of the Thirstborn]11010.00
[Bloody Heirloom Locket]155.00
[Bracelet of Forlorn Thoughts]2105.00
[Captain Bloodrite's Weighted Jade Ring]155.00
[Captain Issued Greatsword of Vacrul]155.00
[Captain's Issued Longsword of Vacrul]155.00
[Captain's Issued Longsword of Vacrul (for Caferty)]155.00
[Cascading Force (Master)]155.00
[Cenotaph of Remembrance]3155.00
[Cewtie's Amulet of the Returned]11111.00
[Cewtie's Blessed Crossbow]155.00
[Cewtie's Cute Cameo]155.00
[Cewtie's Edge of the Reborn]13535.00
[Cewtie's Hunting "Short" bow]34013.33
[Chainmail Bracers of Belladonna]155.00
[Channeled Protection X (Master)]155.00
[Charm of Evil Forces]2105.00
[Cinderchain Bracers]155.00
[Cliff Dweller's Spiked Hammer]2126.00
[Cliff Dweller's Weighted Flail]155.00
[Crested Ring of the Heir Apparent]155.00
[Crystal Signet of the Va Dyn]7476.71
[Crystallized Blooddrop Earring]17070.00
[Crystallized Shadow Glancing Plated Bracer]155.00
[Crystallized Shadow Glancing Wristbrace]155.00
[Crystallized Shadow Glancing Wristguard]155.00
[Crystallized Shadow Pearl Earring]3206.67
[Decisive Strike]3175.67
[Diabo Spelled Finger-Wagglers]2105.00
[Diabo Spelled Gauntlets]155.00
[Diabo Spelled Gloves]4256.25
[Diabo Spelled Gloves (and assorted sundries from other zone)]11010.00
[Diabo Spelled Handguards]7375.29
[Disorientation X (Celestial)]155.00
[Dragon Grit]155.00
[Dreadfell Boneshard Bow]22010.00
[Dreadfell Raven Cape]155.00
[Dreadfell Raven Spear]2105.00
[Earrings of Eternal Gaze]23015.00
[Ekron's Wristlet of Obsidian]12020.00
[Elder Wurm Barbute]155.00
[Elemental Amalgamation (Master)]155.00
[Elemental Overlord (Celestial)]155.00
[Elemental Overlord (Master)]155.00
[Emberstrike XI (Celestial)]13535.00
[Emblem of Shar Vahl]2105.00
[Emerging Thirst Chainlink Gloves (10 DKP if fixed by GMs)]100.00
[Emerging Thirst Chainlink Helm]155.00
[Emerging Thirst Chainmail Tunic]155.00
[Emerging Thirst Cloth Cap]2105.00
[Emerging Thirst Cloth Cuffs]155.00
[Emerging Thirst Skinned Bracers]2105.00
[Emerging Thirst Skinned Gloves]2105.00
[Emerging Thirst Skinned Tunic]2115.50
[Emerging Thirst Vanguard Barbute]155.00
[Emerging Thirst Vanguard Gauntlets]155.00
[Emerging Thirst Vest]155.00
[Enormous Needlite Fang Earrings]45313.25
[Ensorcelled Dreadfell Rune of Zeal]2105.00
[Erosion II (Master)]155.00
[Eternal Cinder Gauntlets]4205.00
[Eternal Cinder Gloves]155.00
[Eternal Cinder Handguards]5285.60
[Eternal Cinder Mitts]2105.00
[Ethereal Conduit II (Master)]155.00
[Ethershadow Assassin (Celestial)]155.00
[Exsanguination (Celestial)]155.00
[Faded Night Skinned Boots]155.00
[Fading Light Vanguard Barbute]155.00
[Fading Night Chainlink Boots]22010.00
[Fading Night Chainlink Chestguard]155.00
[Fading Night Chainlink Coif]33511.67
[Fading Night Chainlink Gloves]23015.00
[Fading Night Chainlink Helm]412531.25
[Fading Night Chainlink Legguards]155.00
[Fading Night Skinned Boots]2105.00
[Fading Night Skinned Cap]155.00
[Fading Night Skinned Gloves]11515.00
[Fading Night Skinned Helm]155.00
[Fading Night Skinned Leggings]3155.00
[Fading Night Vanguard Barbute]2105.00
[Fading Night Vanguard Breastplate]2105.00
[Fading Night Vanguard Gauntlets]155.00
[Fading Night Vanguard Greaves]155.00
[Fading Night Vanguard Helmet]2105.00
[Fading Night Vanguard Sabatons]155.00
[Fading Night-Weaved Gloves]22110.50
[Fading Night-Weaved Hood]3155.00
[Fading Night-Weaved Pantaloons]2105.00
[Fading Night-Weaved Shoes]4205.00
[Fading Night-Weaved tunic]2105.00
[Fading Night-Woven Hood]2105.00
[Fading Night-Woven Shoes]155.00
[Fading Night-Woven Tunic]155.00
[Fearful Quill Earring]11010.00
[Feathered Quill Shiv]3206.67
[Fenirek'tal Scaled Robes]5255.00
[Fenirek'tal Scaled Tunic]3206.67
[Fenirek'tal Scalemail Breastplate]3155.00
[Fenirek'tal Scalemail Chestguard]11515.00
[Feral Shadowkin Crossbow]3155.00
[Field Medic]311036.67
[Fiery Incineration (Celestial)]155.00
[Fingerless Gloves of Behemothrus]155.00
[Forest Guardian's Gemmed Collar]2105.00
[Forlorn Braceelt of the Coven]12525.00
[Forlorn Bracelet of the Coven]155.00
[Forlorn Cloak of the Jailer]14040.00
[Forlorn Rune: Symphony of the Void]23517.50
[Forlorn Star Buckler]155.00
[Forsaken Light Chainmail Bracers]2105.00
[Forsaken Light Chainmail Chestguard]3227.33
[Forsaken Light Chainmail Legguards]11010.00
[Forsaken Light Chainmail Spaulders]23517.50
[Forsaken Light Tanned Armguards]3155.00
[Forsaken Light Tanned Bracers]155.00
[Forsaken Light Tanned Leggings]11010.00
[Forsaken Light Tanned Shoulderguards]22512.50
[Forsaken Light Tanned Tunic]2105.00
[Forsaken Light Vanguard Bracers]155.00
[Forsaken Light Vanguard Greaves]2105.00
[Forsaken Light Vanguard Pauldrons]155.00
[Forsaken Light Vanguard Spaulders]2105.00
[Forsaken Lightweave Cuffs]2105.00
[Forsaken Lightweave Mantle]12020.00
[Forsaken Lightweave Pantaloons]2168.00
[Forsaken Lightweave Shawl]155.00
[Forsaken Lightweave Vest]11010.00
[Frozen Heavens II (Celestial)]166.00
[Furious Essence of Xakra]33010.00
[Gadsin's Zombified Eyeball]13636.00
[Gargantaur's Flayed Skin Handwraps]14040.00
[Gemmed Scepter of Lysander]155.00
[Gidget's Gadget Earrings of Rage]13535.00
[Gidget's Widget Ring]155.00
[Glaur's Fabled Longbow]6305.00
[Glowing Shiny Rock Thingie]155.00
[Gnitrat's Bag of Trinkets]155.00
[Greta's Glass Eye]49523.75
[Greta's Gnarled Root Wand]4205.00
[Greta's Gnarled Root Wand (+ removing attendance points as Mecrushuu was playing her)]11010.00
[Greta's Tiny Bracelet]2105.00
[Grieg's Band of Disguise]33311.00
[Grieg-skin Chainmail Leggings]3237.67
[Grieg-Skin Leggings]5336.60
[Grieg-skin Pantaloons]22311.50
[Grieg-skin Plated Legguards]2105.00
[Grimlock's Shadestomper Boots]155.00
[Grimlock's Shadestomper Sandals]24020.00
[Grimlock's Shadestomper Tonlets]155.00
[Grimlock's Shadow-Infected Longbow]2105.00
[Guabancek's Fleet Feet of Crimson Feathers]155.00
[Guabancek's Twist of Plumage]12525.00
[Halberd of the Bloodbound]155.00
[Halfling Zombie Wrap]155.00
[Heroically Plundered Stud]25728.50
[Hes Banded Belt]4205.00
[Hoggith's Chainmail Bracer]155.00
[Hoggith's Glancing Wristguard]4205.00
[Hoggith's Meshed Cuffs]2105.00
[Inquest VIII (Celestial)]155.00
[Jerrek's Illuminous Chainmail]2157.50
[Jerrek's Illuminous Chestplate]6305.00
[Jerrek's Illuminous Robe]3155.00
[Jerrekinian Chainlink Shinguards]34816.00
[Jerrekinian Leather Chaps]2178.50
[Jerrekinian Sackcloth Pantaloons]5255.00
[Jerrekinian Scalemail Greaves]6305.00
[Killing Chamber]3155.00
[Kluzen's Wyvern-Skin Cuffs]155.00
[Lacerating Tempest]155.00
[Lacerator of the Bloodbound]1100100.00
[Lazeratus, Sacred Spirit] 291615.55
[Leggings of Living Shadow]2105.00
[Legguards of Living Shadow]155.00
[Legplates of Living Shadow]155.00
[Levinbolt II (Celestial)]155.00
[Lhurzz Carapace Bracelet]12020.00
[Living Embodiment of Shadow] 3439411.59
[Luc's Band of Hooligans]33010.00
[Lurking Cackler Bone Earring]155.00
[Lysander's Family Crest]155.00
[Magnetic Bracelet of Unknown Metal]13535.00
[Mana Schism (Master)]155.00
[Mana Sprinkles]2105.00
[Memnotum's Bone-Handled Blade]155.00
[Mistmoore Crested Family Breastplate]2105.00
[Mistmoore Crested Family Chestguard]155.00
[Mistmoore Crested Family Tunic]3155.00
[Mistmoore Crested Family Vest]155.00
[Mother's Akashic Invader Boots]2105.00
[Mother's Akashic Invader Footguards]155.00
[Mother's Akashic Invader Sabatons]155.00
[Mother's Teardrop Earring]155.00
[Mudslide (Celestial)]155.00
[Mudslide (Grandmaster)]155.00
[Mythic Mauler of the Alliance]155.00
[Nearly Hex-Proof Barbute]2105.00
[Necrochain Legguards]155.00
[Necroskin Leggings]155.00
[Necrosteel Grave Greaves]3155.00
[Necrotic Consumption (Celestial)]155.00
[Necroweave Pantaloons]155.00
[Needlite Chain Coif]22010.00
[Needlite Chiten Coif]33511.67
[Needlite Chiten Footguards]3206.67
[Needlite Chiten Hood]155.00
[Needlite Chiten Moccasins]11212.00
[Needlite Chiten Plated Barbute]155.00
[Needlite Chiten Wrap]2157.50
[Needlite Chitin Coif]2105.00
[Needlite Chitin Moccasins]34013.33
[Needlite Chitin Wrap]2105.00
[Neetlite Chiten Footguards]11111.00
[Nelon's Gemmed Scepter]2105.00
[Netted Cloak of the Cliff Dweller]155.00
[One with Stone (Master)]155.00
[Otherwordly Assistants]155.00
[Pact of the Fire Tyrant (Master)]155.00
[Pantaloons of Living Shadow]2105.00
[Pattern: Void Etched Barding of Criticals]2105.00
[Pattern: Void Etched Barding of Health]3155.00
[Pattern: Void Etched Barding of Striking]3155.00
[Pattern: Void Etched Barding of the Potent]10505.00
[Pattern: Void Etched Breeching of Ability]100.00
[Pattern: Void Etched Breeching of Extended Fervor]4205.00
[Pattern: Void Etched Breeching of Striking]3155.00
[Pattern: Void Etched Brreching of Extended Fervor]155.00
[Pattern: Void Etched Hackamore of Conservation]2105.00
[Pattern: Void Etched Hackamore of Doublestrike]2189.00
[Pattern: Void Etched Reins of Conservation]155.00
[Pattern: Void Etched Saddle of Ability]155.00
[Pattern: Void Etched Saddle of Doublestrike]2105.00
[Pattern: Void Etched Saddle of Fervor]2105.00
[Pattern: Void Etched Shoes of Fervor]155.00
[Pattern: Void Etched Shoes of Striking]3155.00
[Pattern: Void Etched Stirrups of Ability]155.00
[Pattern: Void Etched Stirrups of Resounding Blows]155.00
[Pattern: Void Etched Stirrups of Striking]3206.67
[Pearlescent Scale of Behemothrus]311036.67
[Phantastic Eviscerators]155.00
[Plate Wearer Collusion]11010.00
[Plated Cinder Bracer]3155.00
[Pops' Fanny Pack]2168.00
[Popsnapper Belt]6305.00
[Precarious Lashings]1050.50
[Punishment of Betrayal]4205.00
[Raid Rune: Frantic Heals III]155.00
[Raid Rune: Gift of Fleetness I]155.00
[Raid Rune: Gravity II]2157.50
[Raid Rune: Hardened Temper I]2105.00
[Raid Rune: Mana Bubble I]14040.00
[Raid Rune: Mana Bubble II]2157.50
[Raid Rune: Mana Bubble III]2105.00
[Raid Rune: Vetrovian Rage I]13030.00
[Raid Rune: Were-Withall]155.00
[Rending Torrent]155.00
[Repentance IX (Master)]155.00
[Resonating Spirit Wristlet]6488.00
[Revocation of Life (Celestial)]155.00
[Right Hand's Justice]155.00
[Royal Guardsman's Sanguine Polearm]155.00
[Rune: Mana Bubble III]2105.00
[Ruthless Ring of Endeavor]11010.00
[Sabatons of the Nibbler]6416.83
[Salubrious Invocation XI (Celestial)]166.00
[Sanguine Blightcaster Boots]2105.00
[Sanguine Blightcaster Hood]5255.00
[Sanguine Bloodguard's Blightcaster Shawl]155.00
[Sanguine Bloodguard's Blightcaster Shawls]15555.00
[Sanguine Bloodguard's Stained Armguards]11010.00
[Sanguine Bloodguard's Steel Spaulders]155.00
[Sanguine Dragonblood Cuffs]11010.00
[Sanguine Dragonbone Bracers]35016.67
[Sanguine Dragonbone Crossbow]12020.00
[Sanguine Dragonbone Plate Bracers]155.00
[Sanguine Dragonbone Shortbow]155.00
[Sanguine Dragonscale Wristlet]11515.00
[Sanguine Dragonskin Cloak]14040.00
[Sanguine Dragonskin Cuffs]36020.00
[Sanguine Hall Royal Coif]3155.00
[Sanguine Hall Royal Sabatons]155.00
[Sanguine Handguard of Royalty]25527.50
[Sanguine Mitts of Royalty]24321.50
[Sanguine Royal Hall Sabatons]155.00
[Sanguine Vacrulian Vanguard Helmet]4205.00
[Sanguine Vacrulian Vanguard Sabatons]2105.00
[Sanguine Wereskin Leather Boots]2105.00
[Sanguine Wereskin Leather Cap]2105.00
[Scalded Cinder Bracer]3155.00
[Scaled Cinder Bracer]155.00
[Scorched Needlite-Hide Boots]4215.25
[Semi Stashed Moonblade]155.00
[Severed Finger's Wedding Band]155.00
[Severed Hand Bracelet]155.00
[Shaded Grimling Barbute of Gnitrat]155.00
[Shaded Grimling Helmet of Gnitrat]25025.00
[Shaded Grimling Hood of Gnitrat]23517.50
[Shadesteal Neckguard]11515.00
[Shadow Prospecting Armorer [Tier 12]]33913.00
[Shadow Prospecting Jeweler [Tier 12]]4256.25
[Shadow Prospecting Tailor [Tier 12]]59218.40
[Shadow Prospecting Weaponsmith [Tier 12]]5428.40
[Shadow Prospecting Woodworker (Tier 12)]166.00
[Shadow Prospecting Woodworker [Tier 12]]2105.00
[Shadowcaster Grimlock's Clawed Earring]44310.75
[Shadowed Tryanny Linen Hat]155.00
[Shadowed Tyranny Bound Tunic]4266.50
[Shadowed Tyranny Chain Bracers]3155.00
[Shadowed Tyranny Chain Handguards]155.00
[Shadowed Tyranny Chainlink Chestpiece]155.00
[Shadowed Tyranny Chainlink Helm]3155.00
[Shadowed Tyranny Chainmail Chestguard]23517.50
[Shadowed Tyranny Chainmail Foreguard]22110.50
[Shadowed Tyranny Chainmail Gloves]155.00
[Shadowed Tyranny Chainmail Sallet]37123.67
[Shadowed Tyranny Cured Tunic]3155.00
[Shadowed Tyranny Flowing Hood]44210.50
[Shadowed Tyranny Grimlingskin Bracers]2105.00
[Shadowed Tyranny Leather Helm]3165.33
[Shadowed Tyranny Linen Bracers]155.00
[Shadowed Tyranny Linen Cuff]11616.00
[Shadowed Tyranny Linen Gloves]2105.00
[Shadowed Tyranny Linen Hat]2105.00
[Shadowed Tyranny Linen Robes]4205.00
[Shadowed Tyranny Linen Vest]5255.00
[Shadowed Tyranny Plate Barbute]2105.00
[Shadowed Tyranny Plate Gauntlets]2157.50
[Shadowed Tyranny Rimmed Helmet]5265.20
[Shadowed Tyranny Shadeskin Foreguard]2157.50
[Shadowed Tyranny Vanguard Barbute]4205.00
[Shadowed Tyranny Vanguard Bracers]3155.00
[Shadowed Tyranny Vanguard Breastplate]4307.50
[Shadowed Tyranny Vanguard Cuirass]2105.00
[Shadowed Tyranny Vanguard Gauntlets]155.00
[Shadowed Tyranny Vanguard Vambraces]166.00
[Shadowed Tyrrany Chainmail Gloves]11212.00
[Shadowed Tyrrany Grimlingskin Bracers]2105.00
[Shadowed Tyrrany Leather Gloves]155.00
[Shadowed Tyrrany Linen Gloves]3155.00
[Shadowed Tyrrany Vanguard Gauntlets]155.00
[Shadowed Tyrrany Vaunguard Gauntlets]155.00
[Shadowscream Mounting Prospects]2115.50
[Share Pain]155.00
[Shattered Crystallized Shadow Gem]11717.00
[Shroud of Harm's Way]11010.00
[Spark of Everburning Shade]3155.00
[Spiked Terrorquill Bludgeoner]414536.25
[Spirit-Stitched Boots of the Forlorn]2105.00
[Spirit-Stitched Sabatons of the Forlorn]2105.00
[Star Shard]56312.60
[Stolen Ssraeshzian Plans - Eviscerators]6254.17
[Stolen Ssraeshzian Plans - Eviscerators (Forced onto Konkreth) :D]155.00
[Stolen Ssraeshzian Plans - Flinger]511122.20
[Stolen Ssraeshzian Plans - Focus]56012.00
[Stolen Ssraeshzian Plans - Heartpiercer]6315.17
[Stolen Ssraeshzian Plans - Hookblade]1012512.50
[Stolen Ssraeshzian Plans - Talon Club]58016.00
[Stone Soul (Celestial)]155.00
[Tainted Mutation (Celestial)]155.00
[Tainted Mutation (Grandmaster)]155.00
[Telluric Rending (Master)]155.00
[Tenacity XI (Celestial)]155.00
[Terrestrial Coffin (Master)]155.00
[Thal Arcanum Barbute]155.00
[Thal Arcanum Cap]2105.00
[Thal Arcanum Hood]155.00
[Thall Xakra Signet of Loyalty]155.00
[The Bloodtender's Crimson Wristlet]3155.00
[The Butcher's Belt of Skull Trophies]155.00
[The Butcher's Guarding Tower]2105.00
[The Crone's Antique Earrings]155.00
[The Crone's Mystery Spices]1100100.00
[The Hand's Eye Ring]17878.00
[The Hero's Plated Bracers]13636.00
[The Hero's Skinned Cuffs]155.00
[The Lady's Fang Earring]155.00
[The Mother's Will]100.00
[The Rat King's Pendant]5255.00
[Thermal Depletion (Master)]155.00
[Thexian Status Belt]2105.00
[Thing from the Deep]155.00
[Thing from the Deep (+removal of attendance)]11010.00
[Thirstborn's Blood-drenched Greaves]2105.00
[Thirstborn's Blood-drenched Leggings]11010.00
[Thirstborn's Blood-drenched Legguards]23015.00
[Thirstborn's Blood-drenched Pantaloons]3258.33
[Three Little Tegi Charm bracelet]8799.88
[Thuri's Doleful Thrust XI (Celestial)]155.00
[Trophy: Guabancek]400.00
[Trophy: The Ritual Lords]100.00
[Trophy: Vorigan Mistmoore, the Thirstborn]200.00
[True Blood Rune of Zeal]22613.00
[Twisted Chainmail Coif]12525.00
[Twisted Chestguard of the Savage Spirit]11010.00
[Twisted Mind Skullcap]12626.00
[Twisted Tunic of the Savage Spirit]3155.00
[Twsted Chestguard of the Savage Spirit]33612.00
[Twsted Robes of the Savage Spirit]2105.00
[Tyrannical Deathblade]3155.00
[Unbounded Lines Crossbow]3155.00
[Unbounded Lines Reflex Bow]2105.00
[Unbounded Lines Symbol]155.00
[Unbounded Lines Wand]3155.00
[Unbounded Tides Knuckles]155.00
[Unbounded Tides Tower Shield]2105.00
[Unbounded Ways Symbol]2105.00
[Unbounded Ways Wand]2105.00
[Undead Lords' Ritual Buckler]155.00
[Union of Stone (Master)]155.00
[Unseen Bonebreaker's Chain Boots]3155.00
[Unseen Bonebreaker's Leather Boots]4205.00
[Unseen Bonebreaker's Sabatons]3155.00
[Unseen Bonebreaker's Shoes]2105.00
[Unseen Darkprowler's Chain Gloves]5438.60
[Unseen Darkprowler's Gauntlets]3258.33
[Unseen Darkprowler's Leather Gloves]3206.67
[Unseen Darkprowler's Mittens]8678.38
[Unseen Phantomsnatcher's Barbute]3165.33
[Unseen Phantomsnatcher's Coif]3217.00
[Unseen Phantomsnatcher's Headband]7456.43
[Unseen Phantomsnatcher's Leather Helm]6366.00
[Vacrul Armored Mantle]3155.00
[Vacrul Chainmail Armored Pauldrons]11010.00
[Vacrul Execution's Headsplitter]24020.00
[Vacrul Executioner's Headsplitter]155.00
[Vacrul Leather Armored Shoulderguards]2105.00
[Vacrul Plate Armored Vambraces]155.00
[Varul Executioner's Headsplitter]11010.00
[Veneficus Chainlink Bashers]188.00
[Veneficus Cloth-covered Bashers]2105.00
[Veneficus Fingerless Gloves]44611.50
[Verrkar's Shaded Girdle]155.00
[Vess' Dark Effigy Earring]2105.00
[Vetrovian Mantrap Chainwoven Cuffs]155.00
[Vetrovian Mantrap Machete]22010.00
[Vetrovian Weapon Crate]155.00
[Vial of Stolen Blood]34515.00
[Vii Zemii Chalice]155.00
[Vil Zemii Chalice]2105.00
[Vine Net XIII (Master)]166.00
[Visions of Vetrovia Cometglow]11010.00
[Visions of Vetrovia Focus of Entropy]13535.00
[Visions of Vetrovia Shard of the Firmament]714320.43
[Visions of Vetrovia Source of Fusion]11111.00
[Visions of Vetrovia: Focus of Entropy]14545.00
[Void Etched Adornments Volume II]3258.33
[Void Etched Adornments Volume III]155.00
[Void Etched Advanced Adornments Volume 1]166.00
[Void Etched Advanced Adornments Volume I]2105.00
[Void Etched Advanced Adornments Volume ii]1111210.18
[Void Etched Advanced Adornments Volume II (One use of three)]166.00
[Void Etched Advanced Adornments Volume III]10545.40
[Void Etched Barding Recipes]11666.00
[Void Etched Breeching Recipes]8415.13
[Void Etched Hackamore of Doublestrike]155.00
[Void Etched Hackamore Recipes]10515.10
[Void Etched Reins Recipes]8445.50
[Void Etched Rune of Expedience]11010.00
[Void Etched Rune: Adamant Defiance]3155.00
[Void Etched Rune: Adamant Resolve]2105.00
[Void Etched Rune: Ascension of Destruction]56312.60
[Void Etched Rune: Ascension of Life]155.00
[Void Etched Rune: Ascension of Love]5377.40
[Void Etched Rune: Ascension of Magic]3155.00
[Void Etched Rune: Astral Dominion]155.00
[Void Etched Rune: Blinding Gleam]4215.25
[Void Etched Rune: Chorus of Night]2178.50
[Void Etched Rune: Firmament of Fire]2157.50
[Void Etched Rune: Firmament of Passion]155.00
[Void Etched Rune: Foundation of Earth]2105.00
[Void Etched Rune: Foundation of Excitement]3155.00
[Void Etched Rune: Foundation of Ruin]44010.00
[Void Etched Rune: Symphony of the Void]11111.00
[Void Etched Saddle Recipes]7365.14
[Void Etched Shoe Recipes]5265.20
[Void Etched Stirrup Recipes]5265.20
[Vorigan's Insatiable Hunger]24623.00
[Vorigan's Sustaining Lifeblood]155.00
[Wall of the Va Dyn]155.00
[Wand of the Akashic Mother]155.00
[Wildfire II (Master)]155.00
[Winds of Velious (Celestial)]14040.00
[Wrath of the Brotherhood]155.00
[Wretched Akashic Meddler Chain Gloves]155.00
[Wretched Akashic Meddler Gauntlets]2105.00
[Wretched Akashic Meddler Gloves]155.00
[Wretched Akashic Meddler Handwraps]2105.00
[Wretched Graverobbed Shield]155.00
[Wretched Potion of Promise]155.00
[Wristlet of the Jungle-Hunter]155.00
[Xakra Fu'un Cap of Compliance]3155.00
[Xakra Fu'un Helmet of Compliance]155.00
[Xakra Fu'un's Barbute of Compliance]4205.00
[Xi Va's Abyssal Sash]12121.00
[Xrzin's Earring of the Nine]155.00

All Items

Item NamePriceClassWinner
[Abrupt End]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Abrupt End]20Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Abyssal Hidden Chestguard]5Swashbuckler SwashbucklerHarhar
[Abyssal Shadowguard Linen Cuffs]5Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Abyssal Shadowguard Plate Bracers]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Abyssal Shadowguard Plate Bracers]10Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Abyssal Xi Va Bracers]5Channeler ChannelerCycorat
[Abyssal Xi Va Chainlink Bracers]5Swashbuckler SwashbucklerHarhar
[Abyssal Xi Va Handguards]5Swashbuckler SwashbucklerHarhar
[Akashic Coven Scootabout] 150Warlock WarlockDraks
[Akashic Coven Scootabout] 40Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Akashic Soul Reaver]5Swashbuckler SwashbucklerDovie
[Akashic Summoner's Sacrifical Skull]100Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Allogata Skyspear]40Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Allogata Skyspear]120Brigand BrigandTopo
[Allogata Skyspear]61Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Allogata Skyspear]130Zhazu
[Allogata Skyspear]65Warden WardenMakstrats
[Allogata Skyspear]55Monk MonkBoundfeet
[Allogata Skyspear]0Coercer CoercerSatynn
[Allogata Skyspear]65Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Allogata Skyspear]0Ranger RangerLambshanks
[Allogata Skyspear]100Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Allogata Skyspear]67Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Amulet of the Jungle Spirits]10Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Ancient Burrow Beast Woven Cuffs]10Conjuror ConjurorCandeee
[Ancient Burrower Beast Chainmail Bracers]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Ancient Burrower Beast Chainmail Bracers]5Ranger RangerLambshanks
[Ancient Burrower Beast Chainmail Bracers]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Ancient Burrower Beast Chainmail Bracers]25Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Ancient Burrower Beast Hide Bracers]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Ancient Burrower Beast Hide Bracers]5Ranger RangerXyzy
[Ancient Burrower Beast Plate Bracers]5Inquisitor InquisitorNauralea
[Ancient Burrower Beast Plate Bracers]5Templar TemplarBoazz
[Ancient Burrower Beast Woven Cuffs]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Ancient Burrower Beast Woven Cuffs]5Necromancer NecromancerDethdelr
[Ancient Burrower Beast Woven Cuffs]10Ranger RangerLambshanks
[Ancient Burrower Beast Woven Cuffs]10Warlock WarlockDraks
[Ancient Burrower Beast Woven Cuffs]5Templar TemplarBoazz
[Ancient Dreadfell Coven Teachings Volume I]50Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Ancient Dreadfell Coven Teachings Volume II]10Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Ancient Dreadfell Coven Teachings Volume II]50Brigand BrigandTopo
[Ancient Dreadfell Coven Teachings Volume II]7Inquisitor InquisitorNauralea
[Ancient Dreadfell Coven Teachings Volume II]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Ancient Dreadfell Coven Teachings Volume IV]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Ancient Dreadfell Coven Teachings Volume V]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Ancient Dreadfell Coven Teachings Volume V]6Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Ancient Dreadfell Coven Teachings Volume V]5Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Ancient Jungle Greatblade]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Anthropic Spiritstring Longbow]5Shadowknight ShadowknightHumberto
[Anthropic Spiritstring Longbow]5Conjuror ConjurorCandeee
[Anthropod Control Rod]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Anthropod Control Rod]5Warden WardenShylsans
[Anthropod Control Rod]5Inquisitor InquisitorNauralea
[Anthropod Control Rod]5Conjuror ConjurorCandeee
[Anti-Life (Celestial)]5Swashbuckler SwashbucklerDovie
[Antiquated Sheet Music]5Coercer CoercerSatynn
[Archer's Fury IX (Celestial)]5Ranger RangerXyzy
[Asylum XI (Master)]35Coercer CoercerSatynn
[Auntie Grimm's Gussets]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Auntie Grimm's Gussets]5Warlock WarlockDraks
[Aura of Intelligence]30Ranger RangerLambshanks
[Aura of Intelligence]20Warlock WarlockDraks
[Aura of Intelligence]20Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Aura of Strength]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Aura of Wisdom]5Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Bag of Shiny Things]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Banded Girdle of the Balanzite Colossus]5Swashbuckler SwashbucklerHarhar
[Banded Girdle of the Balanzite Colossus]5Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Banded Girdle of the Balanzite Colossus]6Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Banded Girdle of the Balanzite Colossus]10Ranger RangerXyzy
[Banded Girdle of the Balanzite Colossus]15Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Banded Girdle of the Balanzite Colossus]5Inquisitor InquisitorNauralea
[Banded Girdle of the Balanzite Colossus]5Necromancer NecromancerDethdelr
[Banded Girdle of the Balanzite Colossus]5Coercer CoercerSatynn
[Beast's Mighty Limb]5Bruiser BruiserErinia
[Beast's Mighty Limb]5Dirge DirgeNeilzz
[Beast's Mighty Limb]5Coercer CoercerSatynn
[Beastly Cloak of the Beyond]5Inquisitor InquisitorNauralea
[Bedlam Boot Dagger]5Inquisitor InquisitorNauralea
[Bedlam Boot Dagger]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Belladona Cuffs]5Monk MonkBoundfeet
[Belladonna Cuffs]5Warden WardenMakstrats
[Belt of Quills]16Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Belt of Quills]5Shadowknight ShadowknightHumberto
[Belt of Quills]40Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Belt of Quills]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Belt of Quills]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Belt of the Aten]5Swashbuckler SwashbucklerHarhar
[Belt of the Aten]6Warden WardenMakstrats
[Beulus' Akashic Meddler Helm]5Warden WardenMakstrats
[Beyond Shadeplate Greaves]10Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Beyond Shadeplate Greaves]5Templar TemplarBoazz
[Beyond Shadeskin Leggings]5Bruiser BruiserErinia
[Beyond Shardplate Greaves]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Blade Mastery]5Inquisitor InquisitorNauralea
[Blade Mastery]6Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Blade Mastery]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Bladed Burrower Spine]5Swashbuckler SwashbucklerHarhar
[Bladed Burrower Spine]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Bladed Terrorquill]12Necromancer NecromancerIbdead
[Bladed Terrorquill Staff]5Warlock WarlockDraks
[Bladed Terrorquill Staff]6Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Blessed Spirit Earring]5Shadowknight ShadowknightHumberto
[Blessed Spirit Earring]5Inquisitor InquisitorNauralea
[Blistering Waste (Master)]5Inquisitor InquisitorNauralea
[Blood of Elder Ekron]16Warlock WarlockDraks
[Blood of Elder Ekron]16Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Blood of Elder Ekron]16Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Blood of Kluzen the Protector]26Ranger RangerLambshanks
[Blood of Kluzen the Protector]25Warlock WarlockDraks
[Blood of Kluzen the Protector]35Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Blood Parasite (Grandmaster)]5Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Bloodbound Rune of Evasion]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Bloodbound Rune of Evasion]5Warlock WarlockDraks
[Bloodbound Rune of Withering]5Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Bloodbound Rune: Ascension of Destruction]25Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Bloodbound Rune: Ascension of Life]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Bloodbound Rune: Ascension of Life]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Bloodbound Rune: Ascension of Life]5Channeler ChannelerCycorat
[Bloodbound Rune: Ascension of Life]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Bloodbound Rune: Ascension of Love]15Brigand BrigandTopo
[Bloodbound Rune: Ascension of Love]16Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Bloodbound Rune: Firmament of Growth]5Warden WardenMakstrats
[Bloodbound Rune: Firmament of Growth]15Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Bloodbound Rune: Firmament of Passion]15Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Bloodbound Rune: Foundation of Earth]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Bloodbound Rune: Foundation of Earth]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Bloodbound Rune: Foundation of Excitement]10Monk MonkBoundfeet
[Bloodbound Rune: Foundation of Excitement]15Ranger RangerLambshanks
[Bloodbound Rune: Foundation of Excitement]15Ranger RangerLambshanks
[Bloodbound Rune: Foundation of Rune]50Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Bloodbound Tinkerer's Volume II]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Bloodpearl Ring of the Thirstborn]10Necromancer NecromancerIbdead
[Bloody Heirloom Locket]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Bracelet of Forlorn Thoughts]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Bracelet of Forlorn Thoughts]5Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Captain Bloodrite's Weighted Jade Ring]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Captain Issued Greatsword of Vacrul]5Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Captain's Issued Longsword of Vacrul]5Inquisitor InquisitorNauralea
[Captain's Issued Longsword of Vacrul (for Caferty)]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Cascading Force (Master)]5Dirge DirgeNeilzz
[Cenotaph of Remembrance]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Cenotaph of Remembrance]5Channeler ChannelerCycorat
[Cenotaph of Remembrance]5Inquisitor InquisitorNauralea
[Cewtie's Amulet of the Returned]11Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Cewtie's Blessed Crossbow]5Necromancer NecromancerIbdead
[Cewtie's Cute Cameo]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Cewtie's Edge of the Reborn]35Ranger RangerLambshanks
[Cewtie's Hunting "Short" bow]5Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Cewtie's Hunting "Short" bow]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Cewtie's Hunting "Short" bow]30Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Chainmail Bracers of Belladonna]5Monk MonkBoundfeet
[Channeled Protection X (Master)]5Channeler ChannelerCycorat
[Charm of Evil Forces]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Charm of Evil Forces]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Cinderchain Bracers]5Channeler ChannelerCycorat
[Cliff Dweller's Spiked Hammer]5Inquisitor InquisitorNauralea
[Cliff Dweller's Spiked Hammer]7Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Cliff Dweller's Weighted Flail]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Cometglow]45Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Cometglow]21Monk MonkBoundfeet
[Cometglow]15Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Crested Ring of the Heir Apparent]5Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Crystal Signet of the Va Dyn]6Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Crystal Signet of the Va Dyn]5Warden WardenMakstrats
[Crystal Signet of the Va Dyn]16Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Crystal Signet of the Va Dyn]5Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Crystal Signet of the Va Dyn]5Bruiser BruiserErinia
[Crystal Signet of the Va Dyn]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Crystal Signet of the Va Dyn]5Monk MonkBoundfeet
[Crystallized Blooddrop Earring]70Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Crystallized Shadow Glancing Plated Bracer]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Crystallized Shadow Glancing Wristbrace]5Necromancer NecromancerDethdelr
[Crystallized Shadow Glancing Wristguard]5Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Crystallized Shadow Pearl Earring]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Crystallized Shadow Pearl Earring]10Warden WardenShylsans
[Crystallized Shadow Pearl Earring]5Ranger RangerLambshanks
[Decisive Strike]5Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Decisive Strike]7Warlock WarlockDraks
[Decisive Strike]5Swashbuckler SwashbucklerDovie
[Desecration]51Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Desecration]15Inquisitor InquisitorNauralea
[Diabo Spelled Finger-Wagglers]5Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Diabo Spelled Finger-Wagglers]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Diabo Spelled Gauntlets]5Shadowknight ShadowknightHumberto
[Diabo Spelled Gloves]5Warden WardenShylsans
[Diabo Spelled Gloves]10Monk MonkBoundfeet
[Diabo Spelled Gloves]5Warlock WarlockDraks
[Diabo Spelled Gloves]5Coercer CoercerSatynn
[Diabo Spelled Gloves (and assorted sundries from other zone)]10Katiedoodah
[Diabo Spelled Handguards]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Diabo Spelled Handguards]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Diabo Spelled Handguards]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Diabo Spelled Handguards]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Diabo Spelled Handguards]7Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Diabo Spelled Handguards]5Conjuror ConjurorCandeee
[Diabo Spelled Handguards]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Disorientation X (Celestial)]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Dragon Grit]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Dreadfell Boneshard Bow]15Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Dreadfell Boneshard Bow]5Channeler ChannelerCycorat
[Dreadfell Raven Cape]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Dreadfell Raven Spear]5Warden WardenMakstrats
[Dreadfell Raven Spear]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Earrings of Eternal Gaze]25Coercer CoercerSatynn
[Earrings of Eternal Gaze]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Ekron's Wristlet of Obsidian]20Swashbuckler SwashbucklerDovie
[Elder Wurm Barbute]5Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Elemental Amalgamation (Master)]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Elemental Overlord (Celestial)]5Ranger RangerLambshanks
[Elemental Overlord (Master)]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Emberstrike XI (Celestial)]35Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Emblem of Shar Vahl]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Emblem of Shar Vahl]5Swashbuckler SwashbucklerHarhar
[Emerging Thirst Chainlink Gloves (10 DKP if fixed by GMs)]0Swashbuckler SwashbucklerDovie
[Emerging Thirst Chainlink Helm]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Emerging Thirst Chainmail Tunic]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Emerging Thirst Cloth Cap]5Inquisitor InquisitorNauralea
[Emerging Thirst Cloth Cap]5Ranger RangerLambshanks
[Emerging Thirst Cloth Cuffs]5Shadowknight ShadowknightHumberto
[Emerging Thirst Skinned Bracers]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Emerging Thirst Skinned Bracers]5Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Emerging Thirst Skinned Gloves]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Emerging Thirst Skinned Gloves]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Emerging Thirst Skinned Tunic]6Monk MonkBoundfeet
[Emerging Thirst Skinned Tunic]5Swashbuckler SwashbucklerDovie
[Emerging Thirst Vanguard Barbute]5Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Emerging Thirst Vanguard Gauntlets]5Inquisitor InquisitorNauralea
[Emerging Thirst Vest]5Shadowknight ShadowknightHumberto
[Enormous Needlite Fang Earrings]20Zhazu
[Enormous Needlite Fang Earrings]13Necromancer NecromancerCapsmart
[Enormous Needlite Fang Earrings]5Fury FuryTedpole
[Enormous Needlite Fang Earrings]15Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Ensorcelled Dreadfell Rune of Zeal]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Ensorcelled Dreadfell Rune of Zeal]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Erosion II (Master)]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Eternal Cinder Gauntlets]5Berserker BerserkerRedmondz
[Eternal Cinder Gauntlets]5Templar TemplarBoazz
[Eternal Cinder Gauntlets]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Eternal Cinder Gauntlets]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Eternal Cinder Gloves]5Bruiser BruiserErinia
[Eternal Cinder Handguards]5Channeler ChannelerCycorat
[Eternal Cinder Handguards]8Troubador TroubadorBoloh
[Eternal Cinder Handguards]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Eternal Cinder Handguards]5Dirge DirgeNeilzz
[Eternal Cinder Handguards]5Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Eternal Cinder Mitts]5Warlock WarlockDraks
[Eternal Cinder Mitts]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Ethereal Conduit II (Master)]5Coercer CoercerSatynn
[Ethershadow Assassin (Celestial)]5Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Exsanguination (Celestial)]5Warlock WarlockDraks
[Faded Night Skinned Boots]5Swashbuckler SwashbucklerDovie
[Fading Light Vanguard Barbute]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Fading Night Chainlink Boots]5Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Fading Night Chainlink Boots]15Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Fading Night Chainlink Chestguard]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Fading Night Chainlink Coif]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Fading Night Chainlink Coif]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Fading Night Chainlink Coif]25Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Fading Night Chainlink Gloves]25Swashbuckler SwashbucklerDovie
[Fading Night Chainlink Gloves]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Fading Night Chainlink Helm]5Swashbuckler SwashbucklerDovie
[Fading Night Chainlink Helm]50Ranger RangerLambshanks
[Fading Night Chainlink Helm]45Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Fading Night Chainlink Helm]25Brigand BrigandTopo
[Fading Night Chainlink Legguards]5Dirge DirgeCleitus
[Fading Night Skinned Boots]5Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Fading Night Skinned Boots]5Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Fading Night Skinned Cap]5Warden WardenMakstrats
[Fading Night Skinned Gloves]15Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Fading Night Skinned Helm]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Fading Night Skinned Leggings]5Coercer CoercerSatynn
[Fading Night Skinned Leggings]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Fading Night Skinned Leggings]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Fading Night Vanguard Barbute]5Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Fading Night Vanguard Barbute]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Fading Night Vanguard Breastplate]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Fading Night Vanguard Breastplate]5Swashbuckler SwashbucklerDovie
[Fading Night Vanguard Gauntlets]5Inquisitor InquisitorNauralea
[Fading Night Vanguard Greaves]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Fading Night Vanguard Helmet]5Berserker BerserkerRedmondz
[Fading Night Vanguard Helmet]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Fading Night Vanguard Sabatons]5Monk MonkBoundfeet
[Fading Night-Weaved Gloves]5Necromancer NecromancerIbdead
[Fading Night-Weaved Gloves]16Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Fading Night-Weaved Hood]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Fading Night-Weaved Hood]5Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Fading Night-Weaved Hood]5Necromancer NecromancerIbdead
[Fading Night-Weaved Pantaloons]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Fading Night-Weaved Pantaloons]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Fading Night-Weaved Shoes]5Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Fading Night-Weaved Shoes]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Fading Night-Weaved Shoes]5Warlock WarlockDraks
[Fading Night-Weaved Shoes]5Necromancer NecromancerIbdead
[Fading Night-Weaved tunic]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Fading Night-Weaved tunic]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Fading Night-Woven Hood]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Fading Night-Woven Hood]5Shadowknight ShadowknightHumberto
[Fading Night-Woven Shoes]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Fading Night-Woven Tunic]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Fearful Quill Earring]10Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Feathered Quill Shiv]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Feathered Quill Shiv]5Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Feathered Quill Shiv]10Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Fenirek'tal Scaled Robes]5Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Fenirek'tal Scaled Robes]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Fenirek'tal Scaled Robes]5Templar TemplarBoazz
[Fenirek'tal Scaled Robes]5Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Fenirek'tal Scaled Robes]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Fenirek'tal Scaled Tunic]5Monk MonkBoundfeet
[Fenirek'tal Scaled Tunic]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Fenirek'tal Scaled Tunic]10Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Fenirek'tal Scalemail Breastplate]5Swashbuckler SwashbucklerHarhar
[Fenirek'tal Scalemail Breastplate]5Templar TemplarBoazz
[Fenirek'tal Scalemail Breastplate]5Fury FuryTedpole
[Fenirek'tal Scalemail Chestguard]15Brigand BrigandTopo
[Feral Shadowkin Crossbow]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Feral Shadowkin Crossbow]5Warden WardenMakstrats
[Feral Shadowkin Crossbow]5Fury FuryTedpole
[Field Medic]40Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Field Medic]40Inquisitor InquisitorNauralea
[Field Medic]30Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Fiery Incineration (Celestial)]5Bruiser BruiserErinia
[Fingerless Gloves of Behemothrus]5Shadowknight ShadowknightHumberto
[Forest Guardian's Gemmed Collar]5Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Forest Guardian's Gemmed Collar]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Forlorn Braceelt of the Coven]25Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Forlorn Bracelet of the Coven]5Shadowknight ShadowknightHumberto
[Forlorn Cloak of the Jailer]40Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Forlorn Rune: Symphony of the Void]5Inquisitor InquisitorNauralea
[Forlorn Rune: Symphony of the Void]30Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Forlorn Star Buckler]5Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Forsaken Light Chainmail Bracers]5Channeler ChannelerCycorat
[Forsaken Light Chainmail Bracers]5Swashbuckler SwashbucklerDovie
[Forsaken Light Chainmail Chestguard]12Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Forsaken Light Chainmail Chestguard]5Warden WardenMakstrats
[Forsaken Light Chainmail Chestguard]5Warden WardenMakstrats
[Forsaken Light Chainmail Legguards]10Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Forsaken Light Chainmail Spaulders]30Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Forsaken Light Chainmail Spaulders]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Forsaken Light Tanned Armguards]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Forsaken Light Tanned Armguards]5Warden WardenMakstrats
[Forsaken Light Tanned Armguards]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Forsaken Light Tanned Bracers]5Swashbuckler SwashbucklerDovie
[Forsaken Light Tanned Leggings]10Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Forsaken Light Tanned Shoulderguards]5Ranger RangerLambshanks
[Forsaken Light Tanned Shoulderguards]20Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Forsaken Light Tanned Tunic]5Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Forsaken Light Tanned Tunic]5Warden WardenMakstrats
[Forsaken Light Vanguard Bracers]5Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Forsaken Light Vanguard Greaves]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Forsaken Light Vanguard Greaves]5Swashbuckler SwashbucklerDovie
[Forsaken Light Vanguard Pauldrons]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Forsaken Light Vanguard Spaulders]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Forsaken Light Vanguard Spaulders]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Forsaken Lightweave Cuffs]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Forsaken Lightweave Cuffs]5Shadowknight ShadowknightHumberto
[Forsaken Lightweave Mantle]20Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Forsaken Lightweave Pantaloons]11Necromancer NecromancerIbdead
[Forsaken Lightweave Pantaloons]5Shadowknight ShadowknightHumberto
[Forsaken Lightweave Shawl]5Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Forsaken Lightweave Vest]10Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Frozen Heavens II (Celestial)]6Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Furious Essence of Xakra]5Warden WardenMakstrats
[Furious Essence of Xakra]5Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Furious Essence of Xakra]20Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Gadsin's Zombified Eyeball]36Swashbuckler SwashbucklerDovie
[Gargantaur's Flayed Skin Handwraps]40Channeler ChannelerCycorat
[Gemmed Scepter of Lysander]5Warden WardenMakstrats
[Gidget's Gadget Earrings of Rage]35Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Gidget's Widget Ring]5Shadowknight ShadowknightHumberto
[Glaur's Fabled Longbow]5Zhazu
[Glaur's Fabled Longbow]5Warlock WarlockDraks
[Glaur's Fabled Longbow]5Zhazu
[Glaur's Fabled Longbow]5Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Glaur's Fabled Longbow]5Channeler ChannelerCycorat
[Glaur's Fabled Longbow]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Glowing Shiny Rock Thingie]5Warlock WarlockDraks
[Gnitrat's Bag of Trinkets]5Inquisitor InquisitorNauralea
[Greta's Glass Eye]25Ranger RangerLambshanks
[Greta's Glass Eye]10Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Greta's Glass Eye]25Brigand BrigandTopo
[Greta's Glass Eye]35Conjuror ConjurorCandeee
[Greta's Gnarled Root Wand]5Swashbuckler SwashbucklerHarhar
[Greta's Gnarled Root Wand]5Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Greta's Gnarled Root Wand]5Coercer CoercerSatynn
[Greta's Gnarled Root Wand]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Greta's Gnarled Root Wand (+ removing attendance points as Mecrushuu was playing her)]10Katiedoodah
[Greta's Tiny Bracelet]5Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Greta's Tiny Bracelet]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Grieg's Band of Disguise]20Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Grieg's Band of Disguise]8Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Grieg's Band of Disguise]5Fury FuryTedpole
[Grieg-skin Chainmail Leggings]10Dirge DirgeNeilzz
[Grieg-skin Chainmail Leggings]5Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Grieg-skin Chainmail Leggings]8Ranger RangerXyzy
[Grieg-skin Leggings]5Warden WardenShylsans
[Grieg-skin Leggings]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Grieg-Skin Leggings]13Bruiser BruiserErinia
[Grieg-skin Leggings]5Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Grieg-skin Leggings]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Grieg-skin Pantaloons]18Warlock WarlockDraks
[Grieg-skin Pantaloons]5Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Grieg-skin Plated Legguards]5Templar TemplarBoazz
[Grieg-skin Plated Legguards]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Grimlock's Shadestomper Boots]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Grimlock's Shadestomper Sandals]30Ranger RangerLambshanks
[Grimlock's Shadestomper Sandals]10Necromancer NecromancerDethdelr
[Grimlock's Shadestomper Tonlets]5Shadowknight ShadowknightHumberto
[Grimlock's Shadow-Infected Longbow]5Ranger RangerXyzy
[Grimlock's Shadow-Infected Longbow]5Coercer CoercerSatynn
[Guabancek's Fleet Feet of Crimson Feathers]5Necromancer NecromancerIbdead
[Guabancek's Twist of Plumage]25Channeler ChannelerCycorat
[Halberd of the Bloodbound]5Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Halfling Zombie Wrap]5Inquisitor InquisitorNauralea
[Heartpiercer]0Berserker BerserkerRedmondz
[Heroically Plundered Stud]40Conjuror ConjurorCandeee
[Heroically Plundered Stud]17Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Hes Banded Belt]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Hes Banded Belt]5