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Name#∑ PriceAvg. Price
[Accretion II (Master)]155.00
[Aged Stone Axe]2105.00
[Aged Stone Battlehammer]11111.00
[Ancient Spirit's Summonstone]3175.67
[Ashes of Stonesong Defeated]12525.00
[Bejeweled Takish'Hiz Corestone]166.00
[Bladed Monkey's Paw]3175.67
[Blightswarm Earring of the Swarm]3258.33
[Bone-Clasped Bracelet]13838.00
[Boundless Buckler of the Gulf]155.00
[Boundless Wall of the Gulf]3155.00
[Boundless Wildcat Cap]155.00
[Boundless Wildcat Helmet]155.00
[Broodmaster Tsmang Wristlet]11010.00
[Broodmaster's Tsmang Wristlet]11515.00
[Caedorian Leather Bangle]177.00
[Caedorian Wall]155.00
[Carved Royal Crest of the Desert Clans]11818.00
[Choosing Immunity Tier IV]2136.50
[Choosing Immunity [Tier IV]]11938.45
[Cloak of the Coming Storm]155.00
[Colorful Plume]6498.17
[Compounding Force II (Grandmaster)]11010.00
[Copper's Collar]7395.57
[Crossbow of Malformation]177.00
[Cuffs of the Mhyt-moo King]155.00
[Delta Adornment of Accuracy]155.00
[Dominion of Fire (Ancient)]155.00
[Elemental Signet of Caedor]11010.00
[Ensorcelled Badlands Adornment of Health]155.00
[Feldarr Farmer's Cap]155.00
[Feldarr Farmer's Coif]155.00
[Feldarr Farmer's Helmet]100.00
[Feldarr Farmer's Hood]5255.00
[Feldarr's Farmer's Hood]155.00
[Focused Blast II (Grandmaster)]155.00
[Foreman Yato's Shower Sandals]4205.00
[Foreman's Jeweled Bracelet of Perception]2168.00
[Foreman's Jeweled Bracelet of Preparation]4205.00
[Foreman's Ornamental Training Saber]8556.88
[Foreman's Standard Issue Boots]3155.00
[Foreman's Standard Issue Chainmail Boots]3165.33
[Foreman's Standard Issue Vanguard Kickers]2105.00
[Frightening Ring]2178.50
[Frightful Strung Bow]155.00
[Girdle of Metallic Mesh]11010.00
[Golden Simian Cape]3175.67
[Golden Simian Cloak]3155.00
[Hardened Stone Linen Gloves of Takish'Hiz]155.00
[Hippolisk Chainmail Gauntlets]155.00
[Hippolisk-Hide Gloves]155.00
[Hippolisk-Skin Gloves]155.00
[Horned Barbute of Kandti]155.00
[Humongous Amunhgus Gloves]155.00
[Humongous Amunhgus Mitts]155.00
[Humongous Crossbow]2105.00
[Humongous Cuffs of the Gulf]2105.00
[Humongous Flowing Cloak]3155.00
[Humongous Leather Bracers of the Gulf]2105.00
[Humongous Platemail Bracers of the Gulf]2105.00
[Hunting Cap of the Poacher]33010.00
[Hunting Coif of the Poacher]33010.00
[Hunting Helm of the Poacher]155.00
[Hunting Hood of the Poacher]2105.00
[Jeweled Bangle of the Simian Troupe]8455.63
[Layered Lockmaw Scaled Buckler]3217.00
[Layered Lockmaw Scaled Wall]155.00
[Lockmaw'd Signet]22110.50
[Lockmaw's Crocodile-Scale Gauntlets]3155.00
[Malformed Prophet's Wristband of Malformity]2168.00
[Mamu's Golden Leadership Loops]414736.75
[Masked Cap of Kandti]2105.00
[Masked Helm of Kandti]3155.00
[Masked Skullcap of Kandti]155.00
[Mhyt-moo Chainmail Waders]155.00
[Mhyt-moo Heavy Waders]3155.00
[Mhyt-moo Leadership Waist Wrap]155.00
[Mhyt-moo Moccasins]2105.00
[Multicurved Tsmang Dagger]4379.25
[Necrotic Consumption II (Ancient)]155.00
[Nirag's Boundless Earstud of the Gulf]12020.00
[Nirag's Mantle of the Gulf]155.00
[Nirag's Shoulderpads of the Gulf]13030.00
[Pattern: Delta Hackamore of Conservation]155.00
[Pattern: Takish Hackamore of Conservation]155.00
[Pattern: Takish Hackamore of Doublestrike]2105.00
[Pattern: Takish Saddle of Fervor]155.00
[Pattern: Takish Shoes of Fervor]2105.00
[Perse Carpet of the Plundering Horde]12525.00
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Chainmail]155.00
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Chainmail Bracers]13030.00
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Chainmail Mantle]22010.00
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Leather Boots]3155.00
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Leather Gloves]3155.00
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Linen Gloves]155.00
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Linen Mantle]2136.50
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Linen Pantaloons]22110.50
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Linen Sandals]2105.00
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Platemail]2105.00
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Platemail Boots]4205.00
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Platemail Gauntlets]2105.00
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Platemail Greaves]155.00
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Platemail Pauldrons]155.00
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Shortbow]155.00
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Tunic]155.00
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Vest]155.00
[Plundered Taksih'Hiz Shortbow]11010.00
[Poacher's Peafowl Plume Staff]33010.00
[Poacher's Stained Baton]155.00
[Poal's Poacher Signet Ring]24020.00
[Prophetic Amulet of the Delta]3196.33
[Protector of the Simian Troupe]24020.00
[Ragtag's Despoiling Earring]12020.00
[Ragtag's Despoiling Wand]3227.33
[Ragtag's Greaves of the Gulf]2105.00
[Ragtag's Legguards of the Gulf]155.00
[Ragtag's Pantaloons of the Gulf]2105.00
[Raid Rune: Bolstered Heals I]155.00
[Raid Rune: Bolstered Heals II]155.00
[Raid Rune: Bolstered Heals III]155.00
[Raid Rune: Desert Rage I]11010.00
[Raid Rune: Elemental Expertise]300.00
[Raid Rune: Noxious Expertise I]300.00
[Raid Rune: Power Flex I]11010.00
[Raid Rune: Power Flex III]2105.00
[Raid Rune: Standing Stone I]100.00
[Raid Rune: Standing Stone II]100.00
[Raid Rune: Tempered Finish III]100.00
[Raid Rune: Vitality of Ro I]155.00
[Raj'Duarabad Rank III Cuff]155.00
[Raj'Durabad Ceremonial Vestiments]263.00
[Raj'Durabad Foreman Earrings]11616.00
[Raj'Durabad Mummified Mantle]155.00
[Raj'Durabad Officer's Bladed Knuckles]155.00
[Raj'Durabad Rank III Foreguard]155.00
[Raj'Durabad Rank III Wristwrap]155.00
[Raj'Durabad Sandcloth Mantle]155.00
[Raj'Durabad Sandcloth Pantaloons]155.00
[Raj'Durabad Sandlink Mantle]2105.00
[Raj'Durabad Sandstone Greaves]155.00
[Raju'Durabad Sandlink Mantle]155.00
[Rattlebone Snakeskin Tunic]155.00
[Renewal Immunity Rune: Blinding Gleam [Tier IV]]11515.00
[Renewal Rune: Balanced Aggression]155.00
[Renewal Rune: Circle the Pack]155.00
[Renewal Rune: Desecration]13535.00
[Renewal Rune: Field Medic]11515.00
[Renewal Rune: Focus Defense]155.00
[Renewal Rune: Gleeful Ire]2157.50
[Renewal Rune: Shroud of Mettle]155.00
[Retrieved Saber of the Depths]155.00
[Ring of the Stormbones]2136.50
[Ritual Bracers of Rath'Mana]155.00
[Ritual Cestus of the Zealot]155.00
[Ritual Cuffs of Rath'Mana]155.00
[Ritual Totem of Rath'Mana]24020.00
[Rugburn, Carpet of Procured Lootses]155.00
[Rugrat's Ring of the Pilferer]46516.25
[Rugrat's Threaded Cloak]23015.00
[Sandstone Chiten Leggings]155.00
[Sandstone Chiten Legplates]2105.00
[Sandstone Prophetic Blouse]2157.50
[Sandstone Prophetic Breastplate]155.00
[Sandstone Prophetic Chestguard]3155.00
[Sandstone Prophetic Tunic]4266.50
[Scavenger's Peafowl Cloak]2105.00
[Scorched Earth II (Master)]155.00
[Scythe Bone Necklace of the Plateaus]188.00
[Scythe's Bracelet of Rotgut]12121.00
[Searing Rath'Mana Battleaxe]155.00
[Sharpened Desert Bone Throwing Spikes]155.00
[Shiny Bangle of the Simian Troupe]3206.67
[Simian Troupe Chaps]3206.67
[Simian Troupe Cuirass]155.00
[Simian Troupe Legguards]155.00
[Simian Troupe Legplates]3155.00
[Simian Troupe Pantaloons]4205.00
[Slither's Venom Vial]155.00
[Slitherbone Snakeskin Blouse]155.00
[Sparkle in the Sand]177.00
[Sparkle in the Sands]9707.78
[Stone Spines of Takish'Hiz]2105.00
[Stonesong's Chainmail Helm]22512.50
[Stonesong's Leather Cap]12727.00
[Stonesong's Linen Cap]2105.00
[Stonesong's Platemail Barbute]2105.00
[Stonesong's Stone Heart]22512.50
[Stony Takish'Hiz Bludgeon]24020.00
[Stony Takish'Hiz Scepter]2115.50
[Stormbone Swirling Stud]25025.00
[Takish Adornment of Accuracy]155.00
[Takish Adornment of Celerity]155.00
[Takish Adornment of Flurry]155.00
[Takish Adornment of Intensity]155.00
[Takish Barding of Criticals]155.00
[Takish Breeching of Extended Fervor]155.00
[Takish'Hiz Earring of Eternal Stone]13535.00
[Takish'Hiz Eternal Stoneleaf Dagger]155.00
[Takish'Hiz Scythe of the Eternal]2105.00
[Telluric Rending II (Grandmaster)]155.00
[The Sacred Gift]11010.00
[The Scarecrow's Bolt Thrower]24623.00
[Tsmang Broodmaster's Legspear]2105.00
[Tsmang Cloak of the Broodmaster]2189.00
[Tsmang Plated Sabatons]2105.00
[Tsmang Scaled Boots]2105.00
[Tsmang Shelled Gauntlets]22512.50
[Tsmangskin Shoes]199.00
[Tsmangskin Worked Boots]155.00
[Uruk's Sovereign-Given Sash]2105.00
[Uruk's Symbol of Sovereign Loyalty]2105.00
[Uruk's Unbound Signet]12525.00
[Used the Monkey Whistle]1700.00
[Veagth's Glowing Blade]3155.00
[Veagth's Market Signet]2189.00
[Veagth's Neckguard of the Market]155.00
[Wall of the Simian Troupe]2105.00
[Wand of Takish'Hiz Stone]11010.00
[Wildcat Matron's Eye Amulet]2157.50
[Wildfire III (Grandmaster)]166.00
[Wildfire III (Master)]155.00
[Xenolith II (Ancient)]155.00
[Xenolith II (Grandmaster)]23718.50
[Zealot's Mantle of the Coming Storm]155.00
[Zealot's Pauldrons of the Coming Storm]2105.00
[Zealot's Shoulderwraps of the Coming Storm]155.00
[Zealot's Stars of Madness]2115.50

All Items

Item NamePriceClassWinner
[Accretion II (Master)]5Channeler ChannelerCycorat
[Aged Stone Axe]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Aged Stone Axe]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Aged Stone Battlehammer]11Shadowknight ShadowknightAnnoying
[Ancient Spirit's Summonstone]7Coercer CoercerSatynn
[Ancient Spirit's Summonstone]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Ancient Spirit's Summonstone]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Ashes of Stonesong Defeated]25Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Bejeweled Takish'Hiz Corestone]6Ranger RangerJueallara
[Bladed Monkey's Paw]6Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Bladed Monkey's Paw]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Bladed Monkey's Paw]6Monk MonkBoundfeet
[Blightswarm Earring of the Swarm]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Blightswarm Earring of the Swarm]10Fury FuryTurbulence
[Blightswarm Earring of the Swarm]10Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Bone-Clasped Bracelet]38Fury FuryTurbulence
[Boundless Buckler of the Gulf]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Boundless Wall of the Gulf]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Boundless Wall of the Gulf]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Boundless Wall of the Gulf]5Shadowknight ShadowknightAnnoying
[Boundless Wildcat Cap]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Boundless Wildcat Helmet]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Broodmaster Tsmang Wristlet]10Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Broodmaster's Tsmang Wristlet]15Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Caedorian Leather Bangle]7Monk MonkBoundfeet
[Caedorian Wall]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Carved Royal Crest of the Desert Clans]18Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Choosing Immunity Tier IV]7Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Choosing Immunity Tier IV]6Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Choosing Immunity [Tier IV]]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Choosing Immunity [Tier IV]]35Mystic MysticGutterfly
[Choosing Immunity [Tier IV]]5Channeler ChannelerCycorat
[Choosing Immunity [Tier IV]]6Warden WardenMilaow
[Choosing Immunity [Tier IV]]6Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Choosing Immunity [Tier IV]]10Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Choosing Immunity [Tier IV]]5Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Choosing Immunity [Tier IV]]5Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Choosing Immunity [Tier IV]]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Choosing Immunity [Tier IV]]6Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Choosing Immunity [Tier IV]]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Cloak of the Coming Storm]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Colorful Plume]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Colorful Plume]21Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Colorful Plume]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Colorful Plume]6Monk MonkBoundfeet
[Colorful Plume]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Colorful Plume]7Shadowknight ShadowknightAnnoying
[Compounding Force II (Grandmaster)]10Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Copper's Collar]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Copper's Collar]5Warden WardenMilaow
[Copper's Collar]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Copper's Collar]5Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Copper's Collar]6Channeler ChannelerZalynn
[Copper's Collar]8Fury FuryTurbulence
[Copper's Collar]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Crossbow of Malformation]7Shadowknight ShadowknightAnnoying
[Cuffs of the Mhyt-moo King]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Delta Adornment of Accuracy]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Dominion of Fire (Ancient)]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Elemental Signet of Caedor]10Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Ensorcelled Badlands Adornment of Health]5Mystic MysticGutterfly
[Feldarr Farmer's Cap]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Feldarr Farmer's Coif]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Feldarr Farmer's Helmet]0Shadowknight ShadowknightAnnoying
[Feldarr Farmer's Hood]5Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Feldarr Farmer's Hood]5Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Feldarr Farmer's Hood]5Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Feldarr Farmer's Hood]5Coercer CoercerRata
[Feldarr Farmer's Hood]5Mystic MysticGutterfly
[Feldarr's Farmer's Hood]5Necromancer NecromancerDrakov
[Focused Blast II (Grandmaster)]5Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Foreman Yato's Shower Sandals]5Mystic MysticGutterfly
[Foreman Yato's Shower Sandals]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Foreman Yato's Shower Sandals]5Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Foreman Yato's Shower Sandals]5Warlock WarlockDraks
[Foreman's Jeweled Bracelet of Perception]6Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Foreman's Jeweled Bracelet of Perception]10Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Foreman's Jeweled Bracelet of Preparation]5Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Foreman's Jeweled Bracelet of Preparation]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Foreman's Jeweled Bracelet of Preparation]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Foreman's Jeweled Bracelet of Preparation]5Channeler ChannelerCycorat
[Foreman's Ornamental Training Saber]7Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Foreman's Ornamental Training Saber]11Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Foreman's Ornamental Training Saber]5Fury FuryTurbulence
[Foreman's Ornamental Training Saber]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Foreman's Ornamental Training Saber]10Shadowknight ShadowknightAnnoying
[Foreman's Ornamental Training Saber]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Foreman's Ornamental Training Saber]7Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Foreman's Ornamental Training Saber]5Dirge DirgeSevenowt
[Foreman's Standard Issue Boots]5Warden WardenMilaow
[Foreman's Standard Issue Boots]5Fury FuryTurbulence
[Foreman's Standard Issue Boots]5Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Foreman's Standard Issue Chainmail Boots]6Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Foreman's Standard Issue Chainmail Boots]5Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Foreman's Standard Issue Chainmail Boots]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Foreman's Standard Issue Vanguard Kickers]5Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Foreman's Standard Issue Vanguard Kickers]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Frightening Ring]5Shadowknight ShadowknightAnnoying
[Frightening Ring]12Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Frightful Strung Bow]5Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Girdle of Metallic Mesh]10Dirge DirgeSevenowt
[Golden Simian Cape]6Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Golden Simian Cape]6Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Golden Simian Cape]5Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Golden Simian Cloak]5Warden WardenMilaow
[Golden Simian Cloak]5Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Golden Simian Cloak]5Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Hardened Stone Linen Gloves of Takish'Hiz]5Monk MonkBoundfeet
[Hippolisk Chainmail Gauntlets]5Dirge DirgeSevenowt
[Hippolisk-Hide Gloves]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Hippolisk-Skin Gloves]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Horned Barbute of Kandti]5Mystic MysticGutterfly
[Humongous Amunhgus Gloves]5Coercer CoercerSatynn
[Humongous Amunhgus Mitts]5Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Humongous Crossbow]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Humongous Crossbow]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Humongous Cuffs of the Gulf]5Warlock WarlockDraks
[Humongous Cuffs of the Gulf]5Warden WardenMilaow
[Humongous Flowing Cloak]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Humongous Flowing Cloak]5Warden WardenMilaow
[Humongous Flowing Cloak]5Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Humongous Leather Bracers of the Gulf]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Humongous Leather Bracers of the Gulf]5Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Humongous Platemail Bracers of the Gulf]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Humongous Platemail Bracers of the Gulf]5Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Hunting Cap of the Poacher]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Hunting Cap of the Poacher]20Channeler ChannelerCycorat
[Hunting Cap of the Poacher]5Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Hunting Coif of the Poacher]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Hunting Coif of the Poacher]20Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Hunting Coif of the Poacher]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Hunting Helm of the Poacher]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Hunting Hood of the Poacher]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Hunting Hood of the Poacher]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Jeweled Bangle of the Simian Troupe]15Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Jeweled Bangle of the Simian Troupe]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Jeweled Bangle of the Simian Troupe]5Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Jeweled Bangle of the Simian Troupe]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Jeweled Bangle of the Simian Troupe]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Jeweled Bangle of the Simian Troupe]5Fury FuryTurbulence
[Jeweled Bangle of the Simian Troupe]0Shadowknight ShadowknightAnnoying
[Jeweled Bangle of the Simian Troupe]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Layered Lockmaw Scaled Buckler]5Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Layered Lockmaw Scaled Buckler]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Layered Lockmaw Scaled Buckler]11Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Layered Lockmaw Scaled Wall]5Shadowknight ShadowknightAnnoying
[Lockmaw'd Signet]15Dirge DirgeSevenowt
[Lockmaw'd Signet]6Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Lockmaw's Crocodile-Scale Gauntlets]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Lockmaw's Crocodile-Scale Gauntlets]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Lockmaw's Crocodile-Scale Gauntlets]5Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Malformed Prophet's Wristband of Malformity]8Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Malformed Prophet's Wristband of Malformity]8Shadowknight ShadowknightAnnoying
[Mamu's Golden Leadership Loops]50Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Mamu's Golden Leadership Loops]40Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Mamu's Golden Leadership Loops]15Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Mamu's Golden Leadership Loops]42Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Masked Cap of Kandti]5Coercer CoercerSatynn
[Masked Cap of Kandti]5Fury FuryTurbulence
[Masked Helm of Kandti]5Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Masked Helm of Kandti]5Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Masked Helm of Kandti]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Masked Skullcap of Kandti]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Mhyt-moo Chainmail Waders]5Warden WardenMilaow
[Mhyt-moo Heavy Waders]5Warden WardenMilaow
[Mhyt-moo Heavy Waders]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Mhyt-moo Heavy Waders]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Mhyt-moo Leadership Waist Wrap]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Mhyt-moo Moccasins]5Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Mhyt-moo Moccasins]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Multicurved Tsmang Dagger]7Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Multicurved Tsmang Dagger]10Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Multicurved Tsmang Dagger]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Multicurved Tsmang Dagger]15Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Necrotic Consumption II (Ancient)]5Warlock WarlockDraks
[Nirag's Boundless Earstud of the Gulf]20Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Nirag's Mantle of the Gulf]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Nirag's Shoulderpads of the Gulf]30Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Pattern: Delta Hackamore of Conservation]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Pattern: Takish Hackamore of Conservation]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Pattern: Takish Hackamore of Doublestrike]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Pattern: Takish Hackamore of Doublestrike]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Pattern: Takish Saddle of Fervor]5Dirge DirgeSevenowt
[Pattern: Takish Shoes of Fervor]5Warlock WarlockDraks
[Pattern: Takish Shoes of Fervor]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Perse Carpet of the Plundering Horde]25Shadowknight ShadowknightAnnoying
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Chainmail]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Chainmail Bracers]30Brigand BrigandTopo
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Chainmail Mantle]10Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Chainmail Mantle]10Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Leather Boots]5Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Leather Boots]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Leather Boots]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Leather Gloves]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Leather Gloves]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Leather Gloves]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Linen Gloves]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Linen Mantle]5Coercer CoercerSatynn
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Linen Mantle]8Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Linen Pantaloons]6Coercer CoercerSatynn
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Linen Pantaloons]15Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Linen Sandals]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Linen Sandals]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Platemail]5Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Platemail]5Shadowknight ShadowknightAnnoying
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Platemail Boots]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Platemail Boots]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Platemail Boots]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Platemail Boots]5Warden WardenMilaow
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Platemail Gauntlets]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Platemail Gauntlets]5Shadowknight ShadowknightAnnoying
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Platemail Greaves]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Platemail Pauldrons]5Shadowknight ShadowknightAnnoying
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Shortbow]5Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Tunic]5Warden WardenMilaow
[Plundered Takish'Hiz Vest]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Plundered Taksih'Hiz Shortbow]10Channeler ChannelerCycorat
[Poacher's Peafowl Plume Staff]5Necromancer NecromancerIbdead
[Poacher's Peafowl Plume Staff]20Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Poacher's Peafowl Plume Staff]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Poacher's Stained Baton]5Necromancer NecromancerDrakov
[Poal's Poacher Signet Ring]10Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Poal's Poacher Signet Ring]30Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Prophetic Amulet of the Delta]5Shadowknight ShadowknightAnnoying
[Prophetic Amulet of the Delta]5Necromancer NecromancerDrakov
[Prophetic Amulet of the Delta]9Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Protector of the Simian Troupe]30Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Protector of the Simian Troupe]10Ranger RangerJueallara
[Ragtag's Despoiling Earring]20Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Ragtag's Despoiling Wand]5Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Ragtag's Despoiling Wand]5Coercer CoercerSatynn
[Ragtag's Despoiling Wand]12Fury FuryTurbulence
[Ragtag's Greaves of the Gulf]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Ragtag's Greaves of the Gulf]5Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Ragtag's Legguards of the Gulf]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Ragtag's Pantaloons of the Gulf]5Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Ragtag's Pantaloons of the Gulf]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Raid Rune: Bolstered Heals I]5Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Raid Rune: Bolstered Heals II]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Raid Rune: Bolstered Heals III]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Raid Rune: Desert Rage I]10Wizard WizardQuantum
[Raid Rune: Elemental Expertise]0Shadowknight ShadowknightAnnoying
[Raid Rune: Elemental Expertise]0Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Raid Rune: Elemental Expertise]0Monk MonkBoundfeet
[Raid Rune: Noxious Expertise I]0Dirge DirgeSevenowt
[Raid Rune: Noxious Expertise I]0Shadowknight ShadowknightAnnoying
[Raid Rune: Noxious Expertise I]0Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Raid Rune: Power Flex I]10Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Raid Rune: Power Flex III]5Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Raid Rune: Power Flex III]5Mystic MysticGutterfly
[Raid Rune: Standing Stone I]0Monk MonkBoundfeet
[Raid Rune: Standing Stone II]0Monk MonkBoundfeet
[Raid Rune: Tempered Finish III]0Monk MonkBoundfeet
[Raid Rune: Vitality of Ro I]5Channeler ChannelerCycorat
[Raj'Duarabad Rank III Cuff]5Necromancer NecromancerDrakov
[Raj'Durabad Ceremonial Vestiments]1Mystic MysticGutterfly
[Raj'Durabad Ceremonial Vestiments]5Coercer CoercerSatynn
[Raj'Durabad Foreman Earrings]16Necromancer NecromancerDrakov
[Raj'Durabad Mummified Mantle]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Raj'Durabad Officer's Bladed Knuckles]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Raj'Durabad Rank III Foreguard]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Raj'Durabad Rank III Wristwrap]5Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Raj'Durabad Sandcloth Mantle]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Raj'Durabad Sandcloth Pantaloons]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Raj'Durabad Sandlink Mantle]5Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Raj'Durabad Sandlink Mantle]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Raj'Durabad Sandstone Greaves]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Raju'Durabad Sandlink Mantle]5Warlock WarlockDraks
[Rattlebone Snakeskin Tunic]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Renewal Immunity Rune: Blinding Gleam [Tier IV]]15Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Renewal Rune: Balanced Aggression]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Renewal Rune: Circle the Pack]5Mystic MysticGutterfly
[Renewal Rune: Desecration]35Wizard WizardQuantum
[Renewal Rune: Field Medic]15Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Renewal Rune: Focus Defense]5Shadowknight ShadowknightAnnoying
[Renewal Rune: Gleeful Ire]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Renewal Rune: Gleeful Ire]10Shadowknight ShadowknightAnnoying
[Renewal Rune: Shroud of Mettle]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Retrieved Saber of the Depths]5Warden WardenMilaow
[Ring of the Stormbones]6Ranger RangerJueallara
[Ring of the Stormbones]7Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Ritual Bracers of Rath'Mana]5Shadowknight ShadowknightAnnoying
[Ritual Cestus of the Zealot]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Ritual Cuffs of Rath'Mana]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Ritual Totem of Rath'Mana]20Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Ritual Totem of Rath'Mana]20Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Rugburn, Carpet of Procured Lootses]5Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Rugrat's Ring of the Pilferer]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Rugrat's Ring of the Pilferer]20Brigand BrigandTopo
[Rugrat's Ring of the Pilferer]10Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Rugrat's Ring of the Pilferer]30Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Rugrat's Threaded Cloak]25Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Rugrat's Threaded Cloak]5Warden WardenMilaow
[Sandstone Chiten Leggings]5Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Sandstone Chiten Legplates]5Mystic MysticGutterfly
[Sandstone Chiten Legplates]5Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Sandstone Prophetic Blouse]10Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Sandstone Prophetic Blouse]5Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Sandstone Prophetic Breastplate]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Sandstone Prophetic Chestguard]5Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Sandstone Prophetic Chestguard]5Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Sandstone Prophetic Chestguard]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Sandstone Prophetic Tunic]11Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Sandstone Prophetic Tunic]5Warden WardenMilaow
[Sandstone Prophetic Tunic]5Fury FuryTurbulence
[Sandstone Prophetic Tunic]5Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Scavenger's Peafowl Cloak]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Scavenger's Peafowl Cloak]5Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Scorched Earth II (Master)]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Scythe Bone Necklace of the Plateaus]8Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Scythe's Bracelet of Rotgut]21Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Searing Rath'Mana Battleaxe]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Sharpened Desert Bone Throwing Spikes]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Shiny Bangle of the Simian Troupe]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Shiny Bangle of the Simian Troupe]10Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Shiny Bangle of the Simian Troupe]5Fury FuryTurbulence
[Simian Troupe Chaps]5Fury FuryTurbulence
[Simian Troupe Chaps]5Warden WardenMilaow
[Simian Troupe Chaps]10Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Simian Troupe Cuirass]5Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Simian Troupe Legguards]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Simian Troupe Legplates]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Simian Troupe Legplates]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Simian Troupe Legplates]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Simian Troupe Pantaloons]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Simian Troupe Pantaloons]5Warden WardenMilaow
[Simian Troupe Pantaloons]5Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Simian Troupe Pantaloons]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Slither's Venom Vial]5Dirge DirgeSevenowt
[Slitherbone Snakeskin Blouse]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Sparkle in the Sand]7Ranger RangerJueallara
[Sparkle in the Sands]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Sparkle in the Sands]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Sparkle in the Sands]6Warden WardenMilaow
[Sparkle in the Sands]11Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Sparkle in the Sands]11Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Sparkle in the Sands]5Fury FuryTurbulence
[Sparkle in the Sands]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Sparkle in the Sands]6Conjuror ConjurorPerfect
[Sparkle in the Sands]16Necromancer NecromancerDrakov
[Stone Spines of Takish'Hiz]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Stone Spines of Takish'Hiz]5Coercer CoercerSatynn
[Stonesong's Chainmail Helm]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Stonesong's Chainmail Helm]20Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Stonesong's Leather Cap]27Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Stonesong's Linen Cap]5Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Stonesong's Linen Cap]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Stonesong's Platemail Barbute]5Warden WardenMilaow
[Stonesong's Platemail Barbute]5Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Stonesong's Stone Heart]15Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Stonesong's Stone Heart]10Fury FuryTurbulence
[Stony Takish'Hiz Bludgeon]15Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Stony Takish'Hiz Bludgeon]25Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Stony Takish'Hiz Scepter]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Stony Takish'Hiz Scepter]6Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Stormbone Swirling Stud]20Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Stormbone Swirling Stud]30Channeler ChannelerCycorat
[Takish Adornment of Accuracy]5Dirge DirgeSevenowt
[Takish Adornment of Celerity]5Dirge DirgeSevenowt
[Takish Adornment of Flurry]5Dirge DirgeSevenowt
[Takish Adornment of Intensity]5Dirge DirgeSevenowt
[Takish Barding of Criticals]5Warlock WarlockDraks
[Takish Breeching of Extended Fervor]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Takish'Hiz Earring of Eternal Stone]35Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Takish'Hiz Eternal Stoneleaf Dagger]5Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Takish'Hiz Scythe of the Eternal]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Takish'Hiz Scythe of the Eternal]5Wizard WizardQuantum
[Telluric Rending II (Grandmaster)]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[The Sacred Gift]10Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[The Scarecrow's Bolt Thrower]41Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[The Scarecrow's Bolt Thrower]5Dirge DirgeSevenowt
[Tsmang Broodmaster's Legspear]5Mystic MysticGutterfly
[Tsmang Broodmaster's Legspear]5Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Tsmang Cloak of the Broodmaster]7Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Tsmang Cloak of the Broodmaster]11Shadowknight ShadowknightAnnoying
[Tsmang Plated Sabatons]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Tsmang Plated Sabatons]5Inquisitor InquisitorPillen
[Tsmang Scaled Boots]5Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Tsmang Scaled Boots]5Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Tsmang Shelled Gauntlets]20Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Tsmang Shelled Gauntlets]5Warden WardenMilaow
[Tsmangskin Shoes]9Necromancer NecromancerDrakov
[Tsmangskin Worked Boots]5Warden WardenMilaow
[Uruk's Sovereign-Given Sash]5Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Uruk's Sovereign-Given Sash]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Uruk's Symbol of Sovereign Loyalty]5Coercer CoercerSatynn
[Uruk's Symbol of Sovereign Loyalty]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Uruk's Unbound Signet]25Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Beastlord BeastlordKonkreth
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Warden WardenMilaow
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Necromancer NecromancerDrakov
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Brigand BrigandTopo
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Channeler ChannelerCycorat
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Fury FuryTurbulence
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Dirge DirgeSevenowt
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Conjuror ConjurorVanirs
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Warlock WarlockDraks
[Used the Monkey Whistle]0Coercer CoercerSatynn
[Veagth's Glowing Blade]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Veagth's Glowing Blade]5Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Veagth's Glowing Blade]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Veagth's Market Signet]6Ranger RangerJueallara
[Veagth's Market Signet]12Ranger RangerWinnetaska
[Veagth's Neckguard of the Market]5Ranger RangerJueallara
[Wall of the Simian Troupe]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Wall of the Simian Troupe]5Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Wand of Takish'Hiz Stone]10Ranger RangerJueallara
[Wildcat Matron's Eye Amulet]10Troubador TroubadorRattimouse
[Wildcat Matron's Eye Amulet]5Defiler DefilerAshnak
[Wildfire III (Grandmaster)]6Coercer CoercerMindforce
[Wildfire III (Master)]5Beastlord BeastlordTailon
[Xenolith II (Ancient)]5Warden WardenRagingmedic
[Xenolith II (Grandmaster)]5Monk MonkBoundfeet
[Xenolith II (Grandmaster)]32Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Zealot's Mantle of the Coming Storm]5Coercer CoercerSatynn
[Zealot's Pauldrons of the Coming Storm]5Berserker BerserkerMecrushuu
[Zealot's Pauldrons of the Coming Storm]5Shadowknight ShadowknightAnnoying
[Zealot's Shoulderwraps of the Coming Storm]5Channeler ChannelerTekkah
[Zealot's Stars of Madness]5Brigand BrigandTopo
[Zealot's Stars of Madness]6Monk MonkBoundfeet

Items by Class

#∑ PriceAvg. PriceClass
483467.21Beastlord Beastlord
16704.38Berserker Berserker
141057.50Brigand Brigand
322768.63Channeler Channeler
403238.08Coercer Coercer
261726.62Conjuror Conjuror
1518012.00Defiler Defiler
13705.38Dirge Dirge
141188.43Fury Fury
14916.50Inquisitor Inquisitor
10353.50Monk Monk
10767.60Mystic Mystic
9667.33Necromancer Necromancer
613886.36Ranger Ranger
221396.32Shadowknight Shadowknight
251817.24Troubador Troubador
484429.21Warden Warden
7304.29Warlock Warlock
35016.67Wizard Wizard
No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em