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    Current DKP - Pool

    Earned Spent Total Last Raid Last 30 Last 60
    425.00105.00320.002023-11-192/2 (100%)11/11 (100%)

    Item History

    Item Spent Date Raid Name Event
    [Plundered Takish'Hiz Chainmail Bracers]302023-11-09Thursday RaidsRaid
    [Delta Adornment of Accuracy]52023-11-05Sunday RaidsRaid
    [Veagth's Glowing Blade]52023-11-05Sunday RaidsRaid
    [Plundered Takish'Hiz Linen Sandals]52023-10-22Sunday RaidsRaid
    [Veagth's Glowing Blade]52023-10-08Sunday RaidsRaid
    [Rugrat's Ring of the Pilferer]202023-10-05Thursday RaidsRaid
    [Pattern: Takish Shoes of Fervor]52023-06-22Thursday RaidsRaid
    [Zealot's Stars of Madness]52023-06-11Sunday RaidsRaid
    [Sparkle in the Sands]52023-05-18Thursday RaidsRaid
    [Foreman's Ornamental Training Saber]52023-03-30Thursday RaidsRaid
    [Foreman Yato's Shower Sandals]52023-03-26Sunday RaidsRaid
    [Simian Troupe Pantaloons]52023-03-19Sunday RaidsRaid
    [Foreman's Standard Issue Chainmail Boots]52023-03-02Thursday RaidsRaid
    [Used the Monkey Whistle]02023-02-25Sunday RaidsRaid

    Raid History

    Raid Name Raid Date Earned
    Sunday Raids2023-11-195
    Sunday Raids2023-11-125
    Thursday Raids2023-11-095
    Sunday Raids2023-11-055
    Thursday Raids2023-11-025
    Sunday Raids2023-10-295
    Thursday Raids2023-10-265
    Sunday Raids2023-10-225
    Thursday Raids2023-10-195
    Sunday Raids2023-10-155
    Thursday Raids2023-10-125
    Sunday Raids2023-10-085
    Thursday Raids2023-10-055
    Sunday Raids2023-10-015
    Sunday Raids2023-09-245
    Thursday Raids2023-09-215
    Sunday Raids2023-09-175
    Thursday Raids2023-09-145
    Sunday Raids2023-09-105
    Thursday Raids2023-09-075
    Sunday Raids2023-09-035
    Thursday Raids2023-08-315
    Sunday Raids2023-08-275
    Thursday Raids2023-08-245
    Sunday Raids2023-08-205
    Thursday Raids2023-08-175
    Sunday Raids2023-08-135
    Thursday Raids2023-08-105
    Sunday Raids2023-08-065
    Thursday Raids2023-08-035
    Sunday Raids2023-07-305
    Thursday Raids2023-07-275
    Sunday Raids2023-07-235
    Thursday Raids2023-07-205
    Sunday Raids2023-07-165
    Thursday Raids2023-07-135
    Sunday Raids2023-07-095
    Thursday Raids2023-07-065
    Thursday Raids2023-06-295
    Sunday Raids2023-06-255
    Thursday Raids2023-06-225
    Sunday Raids2023-06-185
    Thursday Raids2023-06-155
    Sunday Raids2023-06-115
    Thursday Raids2023-06-085
    Sunday Raids2023-06-045
    Thursday Raids2023-06-015
    Sunday Raids2023-05-285
    Thursday Raids2023-05-255
    Sunday Raids2023-05-215
    Thursday Raids2023-05-185
    Sunday Raids2023-05-145
    Thursday Raids2023-05-115
    Sunday Raids2023-05-075
    Thursday Raids2023-05-045
    Sunday Raids2023-04-305
    Thursday Raids2023-04-275
    Sunday Raids2023-04-235
    Thursday Raids2023-04-205
    Sunday Raids2023-04-165
    Thursday Raids2023-04-135
    Sunday Raids2023-04-095
    Thursday Raids2023-04-065
    Sunday Raids2023-04-025
    Thursday Raids2023-03-305
    Sunday Raids2023-03-265
    Thursday Raids2023-03-235
    Sunday Raids2023-03-195
    Thursday Raids2023-03-165
    Sunday Raids2023-03-125
    Thursday Raids2023-03-095
    Sunday Raids2023-03-055
    Thursday Raids2023-03-025
    Sunday Raids2023-02-255
    Thursday Raids2023-02-235
    Sunday Raids2023-02-185
    Thursday Raids2023-02-155

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    Attendance By Event

    Event Name Percentage
    Raid 0/0 (0%)


    Date Amount Reason Earned Spent Total

    Initial DKP

    No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em